Annals of Case Reports and Clinical Studies (ISSN: 2834-5673) | Volume 2, Issue 2 | Case Report | Open Access

Pneumatocele as a Complication of COVID-19 Pneumonia on High-Flow Oxygen

Meher Alam, M.D. *

Division of Internal Medicine, Larkin Palm Spring Community Hospital, Hialeah, Florida, USA

*Correspondence to: Meher Alam, M.D.  

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A pulmonary pneumatocele is a thin-walled, air filled cavitary lesion seen in the lungs after an infection, or trauma. [1] The precise pathogenesis of pneumatocele is unclear but can be from air trapping in the distal airspace or alveolar damage of airways during infection, with the latter mechanism being most likely in COVID-19.[2] The occurrence of pulmonary pneumatocele in patients with COVID 19 pneumonia in the setting of high positive pressure mechanical ventilation and or with the use of high dose corticosteroids have been reported.[3] However, the development of pneumatocele in COVID-19 patients on high flow oxygen has rarely3 been reported. Hence, we present a case of a pneumatocele in a patient with COVID 19 pneumonia on a combination of non-invasive low positive pressure ventilation and pulsed doses of steroids.


COVID 19; Pneumatocele; Steroids; High Flow Oxygen


Meher Alam, Sahar S. Abdelmoneim, Jaskaran Purewal .Pneumatocele as a Complication of COVID-19 Pneumonia on High-Flow Oxygen.Ann Case RepClinStud.2023;2(2):1-4.