International Journal of Gynecology and Infertility | Volume 1, Issue 1 | Case Report | Open Access

The Lantern on Top of St.Paul’s-Giant Cervical Fibroid

T Rajeshwari Reddy*

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Rainbow Hospitals, Hyderabad, India

*Correspondence to: T Rajeshwari Reddy 

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Fibroids arising from cervix are rare tumours which are accounting for 2% of all fibroids. A central cervical fibroid is usually either interstitial or sub mucous in origin and usually arises from supravaginal portion of the cervix so that it expands the cervix equally in all directions and can displace uterine vessels & ureters. . On laparotomy it can be recognized at once, with uterus on top of tumour like “The Lantern on the top of St. Pauls ”dome mimicking the lantern on the dome of famous of St .Paul’s cathedral of Russia. As they arise from deep pelvis and get impacted, surgery poses difficulties and complications are not uncommon. Here we present a rare case of giant cervical fibroid with broad ligament fibroid with degenerative changes and underwent myomectomy.


Fibroid; Tumour; Laparotomy


T Rajeshwari Reddy, Pragna Kamjula. The Lantern on Top of St.Paul’s-Giant Cervical Fibroid. Int JourGyn Infer. 2023;1(1):1-5.