Annals of Medicine Research and Public Health (ISSN: 2995-5955) | Volume 1, Issue 2 | Review Article | Open Access DOI

Future of Medicine and Artificial Intelligence

Nojaye Talebadeh*


*Correspondence to: Nojaye Talebadeh 

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been investigated in multiple fields. Advanced new processors with significant processing speeds have allowed researchers develop algorithms that allow deep analysis (Deep learning) by the machines. Today all industries have started to use AI in their collective functions. Medicine is one field that we are starting to see application of AI being investigated in either administrative, diagnostic, treatment tasks and assisted living. The understanding of potential uses of AI in medicine and over view of how it may help medical practitioners apply AI will be discussed in this article.


Medicine; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Thinking


Nojaye Talebadeh. Future of Medicine and Artificial Intelligence. Ann Med Res Pub Health. 2023;1(2):1-3.