International Clinical and Medical Case Reports Journal (ISSN: 2832-5788) | Volume 2, Issue 9 | Case Report | Open Access

Alpha-Fetoprotein Producing Cancer of The Colon: A Case Report and Literature Review

Swei H Tsung*

Director, Department of Pathology, St Mary’s Hospital,160 S Chong Chung Rd, Loudong, Yilan, Taiwan

*Correspondence to: Swei H Tsung 

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We recently experienced a 57-year old woman with pure yolk sac tumor in the colon. Colonoscopy biopsy showed poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. A right hemicolectomy was performed. The tumor showed a polymorphous pattern, in which the tumor cells grew in solid sheets with papillary and glandular structures; In addition, reticular-microcystic pattern and Schiller-Duval body were also observed. Alpha-fetoprotein using different immunochemical stains were positive, including Glypican-3, Hepar-1, AFP, CDX-2; beta HCG was negative, ruling out the possibility of containing choriocarcinoma. These morphologic and immunohistochemical characteristics confirmed the diagnosis of yolk sack tumor. Here, we describe a case of pure yolk sac tumor, which may contribute to a better understanding of this tumor.


Alpha-fetoprotein, Colon, Immunochemical stains, Yolk sac tumor


J T Wu, Swei H Tsung. Alpha-Fetoprotein Producing Cancer of The Colon:A Case Report and Literature Review.Int Clinc Med Case Rep Jour. 2023;2(9):1-7.