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Bilateral Metachronous Male Breast Cancer in a Patient with Poland's Syndrome: A Case Study

Zuhair Alzibair*

Department of Oncology, King Abdullah Medical City, Saudi Arabia

*Correspondence to: Zuhair Alzibair 

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Background: Although breast cancer in males is not as frequent as in women, yet men tend to develop even more severe and advanced stages of this condition. In the given study, a case of 67 years old male with bilateral breast cancer associated with a rare syndrome has been considered.

Methods: The present study is based on a case study. The patient underwent right axillary clearance, and 19 lymph nodes were negative for malignancy. He received 6 cycles of adjuvant chemotherapy. He was started on adjuvant tamoxifen. Due to the last presentation for radiotherapy, the participant was in this given the option of completing

mastectomy versus close observation, in which he preferred the latter. The subsequent follow-up did not show any

evidence of recurrence.

Results: On close observation, the patient's follow-up did not show any evidence of recurrence.Thus, after his five-year adjuvant therapy, tamoxifen was discontinued, and the patient opted to continue his follow-up outside the centre in a private clinic.However, in 2022, he presented with a right breast lump and bloody nipple discharge for 4 weeks duration. The clinical and radiological assessment confirmed cT1N0M0, invasive ductal carcinoma with 5% mucinous component, ER 90%, PR –ve, her2 zero. Ki67%was 10%. The CT scan chest showed features of pectorals major hypoplasia and absence of right pectoralis minor.In our case, the second primary occurred six years later. In both occasions, the disease was diagnosed at an early stage (T2N0M0 and T1N0M0). Whether the disease behaviour is directly related to Poland's syndrome or other genetic pathophysiological factors needs to be explored more in such cases.

Conclusions: Poland's syndrome can be a risk for male breast cancer as well. Therefore, the molecular characteristics of this syndrome should be explored further to enable the prediction of future carcinogenesis types associated with Poland's syndrome.


Male Breast Cancer; Poland's Syndrome; Bilateral Metachronous Male Breast Cancer; Cancer Research


Zuhair Alzibair.Bilateral Metachronous Male Breast Cancer in a Patient with Poland's Syndrome: A Case Study.Int Clinc Med Case Rep Jour. 2022;1(7):1-6.