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Comparison of the Effectiveness of Edgewise Braces and Aligners in terms of Time Efficiency

Bibek Kumar Mandal*

Department of Dentistry Bankura Sammilani Medical College and Hospital, Bankura, West Bengal, India

*Correspondence to: Bibek Kumar Mandal 

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Aim: To compare the effectiveness of edgewise braces and aligners in terms of time efficiency.

Methods and materials: The retrospective portion examined the medical records of 300 patients who received CEB and 300 patients who received ALT treatments. The appointments for CEB patients were categorized as normal, emergency, initial banding and bonding, or ultimate debanding.Since they are the equivalent for both CEB and ALT patients, documentation visits, discussions, and retainer appointment scheduling were excluded from the analysis. The length of chair as well as doctor duration for every one of the 4 categories of appointments was determined by the prospective portion of the study.

Results: 266 ALT visits and 254 CEB sessions in total were monitored. Initial visits had the longest median chair times, followed by final, regular, and emergency appointments, in that order. Doctor time made up between 4 percentage and 41percent of chair time. The chair times for routine and final appointments were noticeably (P=0.05) lengthier for CEB than ALT. The initial appointment with the doctor took much longer for CEB. On the other hand, ALT took much longer for regular and final doctor visits.

Conclusion: The effectiveness and efficiency of using ALT in practise depends on how well patients follow their prescribed course of action. It was found that whether the improved time effectiveness of ALT compensates the higher material costs and doctor time required depends on the orthodontist's experience and the frequency of ALT case began.


Clear Aligners, Edgewise braces, Time efficiency


Bibek Kumar Mandal, Ali Asger Nakib. Comparison of the Effectiveness of Edgewise Braces and Aligners in terms of Time Efficiency. Int Clinc Med Case Rep Jour. 2022;1(3):1-7.