International Clinical and Medical Case Reports Journal (ISSN: 2832-5788) | Volume 3, Issue 3 | Case Report | Open Access DOI

Successful Management of Cardiac Electrical Storm in Wellens Syndrome: A Case Report

Quoc Bao Tran*

Anh Binh Ho, Quoc Bao Tran*, Van Duy Le, Anh Khoa Phan and Van Khanh Vo Cardiovascular emergency and intervention Department, Hue Central Hospital, Vietnam

*Correspondence to: Quoc Bao Tran 

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Wellens syndrome patients are at risk for acute myocardial infarction with a large acute anterior wall because of the lesion in left anterior descending coronary artery and percutaneous coronary intervention is the definitive treatment to relieve the occlusion in left anterior descending coronary artery. Electrical storm is defined as the three or more episodes of ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation in any interval of 24 hours. The appearance of cardiac electrical storm is a critical situation with poor outcome. We would like to present a case of Wellens syndrome, with the significant stenosis in left circumflex artery and Ramus intermedius or Median Ramus artery apart from the culprit lesion in left ascending artery, suffering from the cardiac electrical storm after percutaneous coronary intervention in the left ascending coronary artery - the culprit artery and it was managed successfully with the complete revascularization in all lesions thanks to the intravenous infusion of amiodarone and lidocaine in different veins as an option for controlling the electrical storm.


Wellens syndrome; Cardiac electrical storm; Complete revascularization; Infusion of amiodarone; Lidocaine


Binh Ho A, Tran QB, Duy Le V, Phan AK, Khanh Vo V. Successful management of cardiac electrical storm in Wellens syndrome: A case report. Int Clinc Med Case Rep Jour. 2024;3(3):1-9.